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A Pleasant Day

The Calm Before The Storm?

West Michigan has missed several of the storms which have swept across the country since Christmas. This past weekend, West Virginia, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia got hammered with a couple of feet of snow -- and may get another round. Grand Rapids saw a little flakeage out that big storm, but Allendale didn't even get the flakes. It all tracked south of us.

So today was a hazy blue sky sunny day. Started out at 16°F or so, warmed up to near 32°F. Roads clear and dry. Parking lots still have some ice in areas and our driveway has a good ice and snow layer base. Otherwise, 2WD all the way. Ah, but not all of life is sunshine and hazy blue skies. The next storm will be getting us.

This is not to one up all those areas who've been clobbered this winter. But it makes it difficult to plan for my classes this week. Decided that Quiz 7, which had been due on Tuesday, is now due on Thursday. Don't want anyone injured or inconvenienced just to get one 15,000 point quiz in. Besides, it involves a six capacitor network reduction problem -- they probably can use the extra time. (grin)

So our Winter Weather Advisory, now upgraded to a Winter Weather Watch, starts at 7am on Tuesday morning and runs til 1pm on Wednesday afternoon. Grand Rapids is in the 8-10" total band, while Kalamazoo could get 12-14". Winds could be 25-40mph Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Tuesday's commute and teaching should be okay. But with the winds, I'm not so sure about Wednesday. I'd cancel classes now, even if WMU didn't close, except West Michigan weather is so capricious. So we'll see...

It Was A Very Pleasant Day

Blue and Sam, our remaining pair of cats, were very nice today. Extra snuggles in the morning, evening and when we put them to bed in the kitty room downstairs. They've been having some sneezing from a kitty cold, but they both seem to be getting better. Purr-rrrrr.

No doubt they want us to have a snow day on Wednesday, too. (double-grin)

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