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And So It Begins...

The 21st Winter Olympic Games, Vancouver BC CANADA

It's 10:15pm EST and the U.S. is just entering the venue for the Opening Ceremonies. NBC's coverage started at 7:30, but we wandered away and came back for the 9pm start. NBC is already annoying me for (1) talking over some of the announcements to explain things we've already seen and (2) a really stupid discussion of the Sauna competition while introducing the Finnish team.

Of course some of the buzz late this afternoon focused on the athlete who died on the luge track today during training.

And then there was a split between those who thought British Columbia could've spent the money on better things, such as Vancouver's homeless problem, and those who feel the First Nation cosponsorship of the games didn't represent all the peoples and was a sell out to the big corporations and against the environment. Welcome to the modern Olympics games.

The Olympics are never truly perfect and the system is flawed for sure.

But I love the Olympics, both Winter and Summer, and will revel in two weeks of grand competition and controversy which, in the long run, will be perfect.

Dr. Phil
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