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Love Is In The Air

Thursday Special Dinner

Another in the series of Classic Pairings dinners from the GVSU food service. This year's Valentine's February dinner had American fare from "along Route 66", running from Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier. As they did in 2008, they also made a point of advertising to the Alumni Association, and so there were quite a number of couples besides "the usual suspects". We sat at a small table with some library people and a young couple, GVSU Class of '09 and '10. Ah, to be young and just starting out again... (grin) Mrs. Dr. Phil took one of the crayons available on the table and made us a heart:

February 11th, 2010
"Me and My Baby Down Route 66"
Alumni House

5:30 pm Appetizers

6:00 pm Dinner

1st Course
BBQ Short Rib, Maple Gastrique
Brioche Black Pepper Mac n Cheese
Watermelon Salad, Shaved Fennel Slaw

2nd Course
Chicken Tamale with Red & Green Sauce
Corn, Bacon & Black Bean Hash

3rd Course
Santa Monica Shrimp Panzanella

4th Course
American Apple Pie

Actually, the meal began with a light pilsner from the Philadelphia Victory brewery and a tiny little Chicago-style hot dog. The miniature wieners were from Chicago and properly dressed with lurid green relish, pickle, onions and celery seed. The miniature hot dog buns were from the local Nantucket bakery -- and the chef had to keep after them to make the buns softer! The short ribs were so tender that a knife was totally unnecessary, and the two salads were quite refreshing. We've seen fennel salads/slaws on a number of the cooking shows, but haven't had it before -- might have to play with that. The wine pairing was a Syrah called BOOM BOOM, which we've had before along with a wine called (oops):

Everything was fabulous, as expected. The apple pies were more of an individual Michigan apple casserole, not too sweet, and served with cheddar ice cream -- very yum! The wine pairing was a local Fenn Valley ice wine.

On Saturday, The Kitties Got Eggs

Mrs. Dr. Phil was making a corn pudding for dinner on Saturday, for which she needed two egg whites. So the kitties each scored an egg yolk. Both Sammy and Blue like eggs. And it'll make their fur even softer. (grin) But we give them eggs every once in a while because we love them.

Yup. Love is in the air...

Dr. Phil
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