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A Stinking Brilliant Day

The Last Two Days...

... have been full of blinding brilliant sunshine and blue skies, with afternoon temps in the 30s. They're talking about more January-like weather next week, but we'll take a couple of days of this.

Stink... Stank... Stunk...

The brilliant sunshine wasn't the stinky part. Rather as I drove in today I kept smelling bad smells. At first I thought maybe I'd contracted something moldy in the 1996 Blazer's ventilation ducts, which would be annoying, but a quick rolldown of the windows in the brisk 19°F morning before the turn south on 84th Avenue suggested that maybe the swamp near there was being a tad fetid. Coming out of Allendale, though, the sour smell was back -- well, at least there was another stink a-smelling. By now I realized that the smoke from the cheese plant near 48th Avenue was hanging low and the air was pretty still, so I suspect the cheese plant of that odor. And then on the other side of the Grand River, came another stink, but this one was familiar. The smell of the heavy sour West Michigan crude oil wells. That happens from time to time, especially in the winter. Sometimes it corresponds to when the dark green tank truck comes to suck the oil out of the storage tanks.

I was reminded of this on the way home, and remembered my thought of posting about the morning stinks, because the oil wells were still smelling at 6:30 at night on the way home. (grin) The good news is, of course, that the Blazer smells just fine. At least when it isn't driving through somebody else's stink. (double-grin)

The Fuel Situation

Last two weeks gas prices have been up and down for no apparent reasonings, after being pretty stable at $2.57.9/gal for regular. Dropped down to $2.41.9/gal, then shot back up to $2.55.9/gal, finally back up to $2.59.9/gal. At one point there was an 18¢/gal price difference across ten miles of M-45 Lake Michigan Drive. And that stinks.

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