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A Surprise For The Pleasant Peninsula

Priority Mail Stamps Dropped In Price

In January the USPS adjusted some of its rates, and in a surprise, the price for the Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope stamp dropped from $4.95 to $4.90. Over the years the USPS has had some wonderful iconic images for the Priority Mail stamps -- Air Force One, Mount Rushmore, California Redwoods, The White House, the X-15 rocket plane -- and I'm always interested to see where they're going next.

On to Michigan!

So today I needed to buy some stamps -- scored the last sheet they had of the 44¢ Distinguished Sailors -- and asked if they had the new Priority Mail stamps. They did. "So what is the picture this time?" I asked. Oooh! It's the Mackinac Bridge, which links the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet:

Compared to Wikipedia's picture:

Maybe they can keep this rate for a while. (grin)

Dr. Phil
Tags: michigan, priority mail, stamps, usps
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