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Spurt Day

Friday 26 February 2010

Yes, once again it's WMU's Spirit Day. That magical day which was once before Homecoming in the Fall Semester, but was moved to the Spring Semester to balance the calendar and now allows them to "not" start Spring Break in February. (grin)

So... today was not a work day.

Recovery Day

It's been a long and busy week-to-ten-days or so. Though Spring Break showed up on the calendar at about the same time as in 2009, we started classes a week later, so it's been tough to keep up with a schedule and be ready for Exam 2 on time for Thursday. We made it. And then there's been the roads, which have included a number of days of either very long commutes or very icy glazes on the roads and long lists of crashes and slideoffs. Last night I found myself shimmying around on the highway when hit by hard crosswinds -- thank goodness for 4WD. It's not magic, but it does add stability to all four corners. We managed to get to/fro work as well.

Took the opportunity to get some extra sleep today, but also managed to catch the Women's Bronze Medal Curling match between China and Switzerland on USA network. Ran out to do some errands and was amazed at 3:21pm on the way to the bank to hear on WLAV-FM that the Men's Hockey Semi-Final between USA and Finland was already 4-0 in the 1st Period. Eek! A few minutes later on the way home and they reported that Finland had changed goalies and it was now 6-0. Still in the 1st Period.

Back End Of The Storm

Unusual weather pattern had us getting the back curl of the big Northeastern winter storm. It came at around noon with big soft flakes. Nothing like they got in New York, where 6-12" of fluffy white stuff was covering a thick, deadly heavy water soaked layer of wet snow. The heavy stuff was weighing heavily on the trees in Central Park, where one tree limb broke and killed a guy, and another tree limb took out a city bus before they closed Central Park to vehicles and pedestrians. slithytove in Philadelphia described a lovely wintry scene outside, without the heavy wet stuff where he lives.

Sometimes if there is no traffic on a snowy day like today I'll put on the four-way flashers and stop in the left hand lane to get the newspaper and mail from the road. But there was too much traffic, so I pulled into our driveway. A Chevy Astro van, which had been following me, pulled over to the side of the road... and was quickly enveloped in a huge cloud. Coolant. The young lady driving it was grousing about almost being where she needed to go, it was the second time there'd been a leak, she'd just put in a bottle of Stop Leak and what was she expecting for a beat up van she'd paid all of $100 for within the last two weeks. Her friend was coming to get her -- I suspect it was one of the nearby motorheads and they'd be much more capable of helping her than me -- so I wished her luck and told her if she was stuck out there for any length of time to come up to the house. I heard her hood slam when I was getting out of the Blazer in the garage, but couldn't see anything through the trees. She never came by and Mrs. Dr. Phil said there was no van on the shoulder when she came home. I hope it works out okay for her.

Spring "Break"?

I've got a list of way too many things to do next week. But after Monday, the weather looks sunny and warm -- in the upper 30s -- for the rest of the week. So we'll see what I can accomplish. And at the moment, I don't have a cold and my sinuses are in much better shape than the last couple of years.

There may be some news next week -- or maybe not. You can never tell with these things.

We'll see.

Dr. Phil
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