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Ow... What A Waste Of A Break

I've Been Pretty Scarce Online Lately

This should've been a week full of activities, including finishing posting about the Olympics and other stuff. And writing. Lots of writing. Alas, twas not to be. And -- ack! -- it's all my fault:
I've got a list of way too many things to do next week. But after Monday, the weather looks sunny and warm -- in the upper 30s -- for the rest of the week. So we'll see what I can accomplish. And at the moment, I don't have a cold and my sinuses are in much better shape than the last couple of years.

I always seem to get sick over breaks. I should never have mentioned I was healthy.

February Ends

Last Sunday I got up and soon found that it was uncomfortable to sit up in a straight chair. Some sort of intestinal thing made me very bloated and gassy and feeling constipated. And all that was putting pressure on a nerve or strain on a muscle. Dammit.

See -- let's look at the things I wanted to accomplish during Spring Break: Writing on the computer. Sorting and cleaning papers on the dining room table. Ditto for the kitchen desk, which suffered an avalanche over Christmas. Driving around on errands to a couple of places. Going out during the day for a movie or two. Setting up one of the small portable computers on the kitchen counter with the external CD-ROM drive and doing some software installs. Grading some quizzes I brought home with me. Or driving down to K-zoo this weekend to see some of the U.S. National Curling Championships. (!!)

Guess which ones of those activities involve sitting up straight? Yup. All of them.

A Week of Minimal Results

Three weeks before I had something intestinal for a day. But this was dragging on, so Monday I called and got an appointment with the doctor for Tuesday. Wasn't running a fever. And after a long time, finally got some "movement" going in the old lower GI tract. But whatever tweaked or strained that muscle was doing some lingering. As is typical, best way to feel better is to make a doctor's appointment. He checked all manner of things, but no real culprits stood out. Basic GI upset likely to be some sort of a virus. And I hadn't even gone on a Caribbean cruise! (snort) Still not 100%, but I can sit and type now. Did drive up to Chevy on Thursday and get an oil change on the 1996 Blazer and I spent Friday afternoon wandering off to Holland MI on errands.

So a few things got checked off on my Things To Do list late during Spring Break.

The Good News

But really, this is all rather good news for me. Because think of it. Imagine spending most of a week being hideously uncomfortable trying to drive an hour and a half each way, sitting in the office being stiff and in pain. Or worse, not being able to teach. Much better for my students for this to happen during a scheduled down period anyway. Which is why I am always a big fan of serendipity.

And frankly, the weather has been mostly blue sky and bright sun and temps in the upper 30s and low 40s all week, as the thick ice in the driveway has slowly eroded and melted away. Pretty. Restoring for the spirit, I imagine. (grin)

But I'm annoyed at the lack of writing time. That's lost time which is hard to recover. Dammit. (grin)

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