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Grand Unification

No, I'm not talking about Grand Unified Theory and trying to bring together the Fundamental Forces of Nature. Or of the successful startup of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. I'm talking about ZIP codes.

Specifically, we live in Allendale Township. But we're one of about 500 addresses which are scattered across about 6 other ZIP codes and not Allendale MI 49401. We're West Olive MI 49460. West Olive is a good 12 miles from here, at least, and the "town" is a wide spot in the road just east of US-31 on the way to Holland. We've never actually found the West Olive Post Office -- though we've looked for it once or twice. Living in the country, we decided to get a P.O. Box in Allendale anyway, and can get things forwarded there.

The township has long wanted to have everyone "live" in Allendale. I always have to tell repair and delivery people that our address says West Olive, but we're really in Allendale Township. Otherwise they go wandering off the wrong way and never find us. The USPS, however, said the Allendale Post Office was too small to accommodate all the extra mail.


But last summer we got a new Allendale Post Office. And a while ago we got a letter asking whether we wanted to switch our address to Allendale.

And now in Monday's The Grand Rapids Press there was a notice that after 30 years of trying, the USPS has just informed the Allendale Post Office that the 500 wayward addresses will be incorporated into Allendale MI 49401. We don't have the official notice yet, nor the date of the changeover.


There will be a period of time where West Olive will forward mail to Allendale, and I'm not sure how long that'll be. It'll mean a little bit of work to change addresses on everything, but long term it'll be worth it. It will be funny, though, to give people an address change without actually moving. (grin)


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