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A Free Offer From Presto

E-Mail For Your Relatives Without E-Mail

I've written before about the HP Printing Mailbox and the Presto service, which allows me to send e-mails to my parents who don't have a computer and Presto sends the e-mails to the HP Printing Mailbox over the phone line when the printer calls the mothership local number a couple of times a day. Hey, cut the 'rents some slack -- my dad is 91 and while both of my parents think that our computers do some cool things, they don't want to mess with them. Period. Can't convince them. The HP Printing Mailbox has been a great solution.

The service runs $149.99/year, which would be bad if you were paying that on top of high speed internet fees, etc., but remember they don't have a computer -- oh wait, I'm paying the fees. (grin) I'm such a good son.

Anyway... until May 10th, Presto will give you the HP Printing Mailbox for free if you have a friend or relative who might benefit from this sort of system -- the printer can run up to $149 itself, depending on promotions.

Pass this email to a friend and they'll receive a free Presto Printing Mailbox when they sign up for one year of service**. Or, take advantage of the offer yourself and start communicating with another loved one!*** Just call (800) 919-3199 and tell the agent you are using code SPRINGREFERRAL to receive the free Printing Mailbox.

Hurry! Offer expires 5/10/2010.

Why I Do This

I'm not shilling for the company or getting any kind of cut here. It is, however, a service that I use -- and frankly it's pretty unique. There are so many "get e-mail for your grandmother" systems out there, but they either involve getting a whole computer or using something with a squinchy small LCD screen. Not going to happen to a lot of people. This is one-way e-mail, true. But I can send letters, pictures, stories (it'll print PDFs) and even these LJ postings and other than keeping the HP Printing Mailbox fed with ink and paper, there's nothing for my parents to do. It even has a paper tray and ink cartridge change system designed for really easy use. And if the system is jammed up and they don't know, Presto will call them and let them know.

And even though it has no standard printer ports, we can print to a PDF and then email the PDF to print out airline boarding passes while we are visiting.

If this is a system you might want to consider for someone, why pay for the printer when they'll give it to you? (grin)

Very trouble free.

Dr. Phil
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