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Star Trek Again

What To Do, What To Do?

What a dead Saturday night for television. Time to go through the pile of new, unopened DVDs. Ooh, here's the J.J. Abrams' Star Trek which we saw just a year ago...

Star Trek [PG-13] on DVD

Seeing it on a small 20" TV, as opposed to the giant IMAX screen, doesn't take away the power of the opening act. Ooh look -- it's an early one nacelle starship. There's Kirk -- it must be before he took command of the Enterprise. Oh no, it's George Kirk -- it's Dad and there is James T. Kirk about to be born. "Your father was captain for 12 minutes. And in that time he saved 800 lives." Right from the start we know we are in a new timeline. And dammit, it brings tears to my eyes every time I see the beginning. (grin) A touch, a touch, I do confess.

The casting really is brilliant, from top to bottom. Zoe Saldana holds her own as the only major female character on the bridge. Gifted and talented, she even gets The Guy. Karl Urban as McCoy has it down cold -- his entrance explains everything and it only gets better from there. And I find Simon Pegg's Scotty to be just the right cockiness for all the others in this band. The Spocks are all three perfect. I can even deal with our young Captain Kirk. If only Star Fleet as a military organization wasn't so cringe inducing. All those people on board and no one can ever find any officers except for the wunderkids?

Sure, the movie is almost campy. But it's got the fast action they were looking for and the sense of urgency needed to make a 124 minute movie seem short. Yeah, red matter is cringe worthy, too. As one wag said, it's probably made of unobtainium, that other 2009 SF materials science disaster. But you were never supposed to really look too closely at Trek in the first place, even though we made a whole cottage industry on making excuses for all the errors. Guess this really is Star Trek -- in glorious lens flaring spades.

Deleted Scenes

There's always more film shot than they can use in movies. Deleted scenes are interesting, because they suggest ways that a movie might've gone. Sometimes it's a good thing that they're deleted. Of the bunch on Disk 2 of this DVD set, I can deal with most of them on the cutting room floor. But I think they should've included the one with the young Jim Kirk. First of all, it shows his older brother George. Second we learn that the asshole is the uncle. Third, we find out it's really Dad's car. And fourth, we figure out why James Tiberius Kirk takes the Stingray out for a spin in the first place. It makes him look almost principled, instead of a J.D. as in the film. Just sayin'.

The first special feature on Disk 1 was a blooper real, with titles cut like Original Star Trek. Ah those damned doors. The extras documentaries were fun. Not only did it look like a fun shoot, but there was a lot of respect shown to the old show and the old cast.

Bottom Line

Can't wait for Star Trek 2. And Nimoy's cameo. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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