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Since I Turned In Grades...

I haven't been doing a lot of writing the last 10-11 days. At least not fiction writing. As I mentioned in my Sabbatical 1.21 posting, I had to spend some time last week getting my office moved around so that this week IT can play with changing phones. It's been most of ten years since I accessed that wall jack, so it's been something of a pain.

Then there's been my website,, for which I've finally been able to spend the time to upgrade. Sometimes adding content is easy. Sometimes, it's a lot of work. Take the list of previous cons attended. Had to go back through my records from January 2003 and work out the 16 cons I've attended, comb through old LJ entries for those cons which I blogged about, etc. And formatting. One of the things I worked on I'll have to go back and fix, because when I uploaded Saturday afternoon and checked it out, it wasn't quite right.

I needed a break.

I Have A Lot Of Stories To Work On

So what do I do when I need a break, and face a long list of Things To Do? That's right -- let's start something totally new. I need something new for the Invenstory anyway, something that's not a Fleet story. Maybe something near term SF. Took out a folded piece of paper, while a rerun of Criminal Minds on A&E was nattering on in the background, and started. Immediately pulled the title from the first commercial that showed up and we're off and running. There was the beginning, there was the conflict. And a little while later, there was the idea we need for the finish. (grin)

Ah, I love it when a story idea comes together. Now just need to write the middle. (double-wide-grin)

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