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My Ulead PhotoImpact Fu Is Strong

I Didn't Win The Contest But...

Artist Chrissie Zullo recently ran a contest on her blog:
This incredibly handsome feline in the poster is my pet cat, Seph. He has been missing for some time now, and I'm asking you all to use your supersleuth skills to find him. Rumor has it that he has been hiding in each of the Cinderella covers. If you can find him in each cover, your name will be entered in a raffle to win some prizes!

Now I've been meaning to blog about Chrissie's art for some time -- I found her about the time her first Cinderella in Fabletown cover art came out -- and I truly love her work. So naturally I entered the contest, which wasn't easy.

Today Chrissie announced the winners. Alas, I didn't win, but my "art" was featured prominently in the entry. (grin)

It seemed obvious to me at the time that the way to prove I'd found all six black cats was to show the six black cats. I know most of you experts use PhotoShop, but I'm no artist. Still, I've got some skill at image manipulation and I've used Ulead PhotoImpact, versions 3.02 and 5.0, for a decade or so. Don't know how anyone else entered the contest, but as I said, it seemed obvious to me. Guess I did good.

Do check out Chrissie Zullo's artwork.

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