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Your LJ Public Service Message Of The Day

Earlier And Without Warning...

Huh. The flist Friends page was suddenly displaying only 10 messages at a time, not 20. What gives? And I couldn't find a place to change this. Neither did some other people. Annoying because it means clicking to more pages, something that scrolling through an flist was supposed to avoid. (grin)

Oh Now They Tell Us

This evening the LJ Maintenance people mentioned that they'd reset the default from 20 to 10 in order to lower the load on their servers and make pages load faster. But they said you could go here:

and change the default values if you wanted to.

Okay, I wanted to. At least on my flist. I didn't used to use flists (Friends lists, if you aren't hep to LJ geek speak) for a long time. Then the number of authors and groups that I wanted to follow as I expanded my way in the SF/F writing biz increased and I was sometimes missing some posts. So I tried Friends Page and realized that it was a decent timesaver. But as a timesaver, with a lot of entries, I want to scroll more and page less.

As a permanent account holder I've put serious cash into LJ -- the servers can churn a little bit more on my account, so to speak, and I'm good with that. You freeloaders? Pony up and then you can flaunt the servers. (evil grin)

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