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Is It A Horrible Noise Or Just A Rattle?

Sitting in Muffler Man in Standale (Saturday)

The red 4-door S-10 Blazer is getting some work done. Thursday night when I got home, my wife came out and said her Blazer was making "horrible noises", but only after it'd warmed up. Naturally enough, it was quiescent when I started it, so off I drove into the night. Two miles later and at the first stop sign I heard a sound like a stone rattling on sheet metal -- sounds like exhaust to me.

Hence Muffler Man. They checked it and I was pretty much right. Heat shield was loose and just needed to be re-secured. But as long as it was on the rack, the mechanic checked out why it looked like the right front tire was getting chewed up. Idler arm, about $138 installed.

That's time and money well spent, but I probably can't squeeze in a run by Hi-Tech Goodyear and get the tire replaced today. (grin)

Torchlight Memories

Talking with the woman running the shop, I commented that it was nice to see a shop which was having fun. That it was all about playing with torches and applying flame to the underside of cars filled with gasoline.

That suddenly reminded me of the time in Medina NY, when I was little, when our century-old house got outfitted with hot water heat and an oil burning furnace. It'd been coal fired heat before, but I don't remember many of the particulars, though I remember the noise when the coal rattled down into the basement.

Anyway, one of the guys was named Rocky and the two of us kids followed him all over the house, soldering the copper piping together. It was the first time I'd ever seen a torch in use. And Rocky got a kick out of having an audience. I remember that big blobs of solder would splat on the floor. We collected the most interesting looking pieces.

Hi-Tech Goodyear on 28th Street (Wednesday)

It's Wednesday afternoon and with a forecast which includes snow overnight, it's time to put the snow tires on the '89 S-10 Blazer. And also to find out what happened to the red Blazer when my wife brought it in yesterday to get a new tire.

Okay, they replaced a tire, but a different one and put the bad right front tire in the back. I guess we'd moved an unevenly worn tire to the back some time ago, when I had another front end repair (these things just never stop -- grin) and forgotten about it. And Muffler Man did note "needs 2 tires" on their invoice, but they didn't tell me about the other one. In my own defense, I've been sick and just wanted to get in & out.

Anyway, Goodyear did have the worn tire they pulled yesterday and it was worn, so okay.

But it was the sad e-mail I got from my wife yesterday that told the tale of how they offered to replace a couple of side marker lights and she said sure, and then they came back holding the handle to the tailgate which had broken off when they'd gone to gain access to the cover screws for the tail light assembly... (sigh).

So now I have yet another visit down here for Saturday.

And we haven't even gotten to my having to cancel classes today and run to the doctor's office.

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