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Two New E-Magazines Launch

N + 2

It seems that there's a whole cottage industry in predicting the failure of publishing (of any kind) for SF. Certainly I've noted the loss of several SF/F markets, both print and online. So not only is it great fun to highlight when new venues begin their startup, it's excellent fun to point you to the brand new launch issues... of TWO, not one, new e-mags. These are for both readers and writers, folks, so check them out from one if not both directions. (grin)

Redstone Science Fiction

Michael (M.E.) Ray and Paul (P.C.) Clemmons have split the Editor and Publisher titles between them to create Redstone Science Fiction, which has a very tailored and crisp look to it. I like it.
Redstone Science Fiction publishes quality stories from across the science fiction spectrum. We are interested in everything from post-cyberpunk to new space opera. We want to live forever. Get us off this rock.

We have all been reading Science Fiction and Fantasy since we were children. It has been a key element in our lives.

From writing and submitting our own stories, we’ve learned that there are only a handful of online & print magazines that pay a professional rate for original science fiction stories.

We decided that there needed to be one more.

We know the magazine will probably not be profitable, but we have planned for that.

We will focus on producing a quality science fiction magazine and on exploring every opportunity to make Redstone Science Fiction a long-term success.

Redstone Science Fiction also reopened to submissions today, 1 June 2010, through Tuesday 15 June 2010.


John Joseph Adams is known to, by correspondence if nothing else, a lot of SF writers I know. As the longtime slush editor for F&SF, JJA has also the last few years put together and edited a number of well-received anthologies on various topics. And now Lightspeed has its June 1st debut issue. Yet its new web home has a quality commercial feel to it as if they've always been around. A nice touch.

You can see one new story a week on the website, or you can buy the whole issue at once for US$2.99.
Our debut issue features four all-new, never-before-published stories: from newcomer Vylar Kaftan, we have an interstellar love story dealing with the perils of communication and time-dilation; from veteran, award-winning author Jack McDevitt, we have a tale about Earth’s moon and the mysteries it might still possess; from David Barr Kirtley, an adventure of a young catman who must face the last of the dogmen and something else entirely unexpected; and from bestselling author Carrie Vaughn, a cautionary tale of the near future that shows some of the extremes we might be pushed to if we don’t start implementing now the seeds for a sustainable future.

Lightspeed is currently closed to submissions -- will reopen on Thursday 15 July 2010.

To The Future!

So a hale and hearty Huzzah! to two new markets. I'll try to get around to reading their debut issues and putting up a review. Right now, though, my intent is just to let you know that they are out there. Enjoy!

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