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Dr. Phil's Website Upgraded version 2.0

06.06.2010 waned, and with it, the arrival of the newly renovated, the Official Webpage of Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon.

The Heart of the Upgrade

When I started back on 02.02.2008 I wanted to highlight my science fiction writings and publications, as well as my physics teaching and science literacy efforts.

(1) A Revised Look
Most of the webpages now feature graphics in the newly updated headers. (If you aren't seeing them and you've visited recently, you might want to Reload the page or clear your browser history.) I am also improving navigation by providing more jump links around pages and also will be off-loading some longer sections onto their own pages.

The result, when fully implemented, should result in a cleaner look which is easier to get around and find things of interest.

(2) Updated News and Publications Info
It's no secret that I use this dr_phil_physics LJ blog to post news and publication information, then provide links to the these postings on the website. Alas, not only did I let it get out of date, the main page listing has grown like a weed and I'm paring it down to the latest and bestest (grin) news. All the news links get archived on the old news page.

In the next month I hope to take the last two years of my publications and create proper webpages for each of these stories, as I had for earlier ones.

Oh, and there's an FAQ page for my 29th century universe, where a lot of my stories take place. It'll expand, too.

(3) Broaden the Content

Recently I moved some 2002-03 movie reviews and other comments from my university website over to . That prompted me to start digging up other things. For example, a number of Dr. Phil stories are available online for free -- either as publications or posted on this dr_phil_physics LJ blog or on . Now there's one page where you can find Dr. Phil's free fiction. Similarly, I need to group together all the movie, TV and book reviews I've posted and make them easier to access.

I've also added some of my professional physics material -- just to let you know that I do work on teaching Physics and promoting Science Literacy. (grin)

A Website's Work Is Never Done

Like any multi-purpose tool, works best when it is kept up to date and that's on me. It's taken a good five weeks to get the Version 2.0 revisions in shape -- not continuously -- and I still have some sections to work on in the coming months. Best advice to me is not to let it get so out of date again. (grin) Both for me and for you. (big-grin)


Dr. Phil

P.S. Remember, there's always a handy link from the left side of the dr_phil_physics main LiveJournal page to .
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