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Clarion Moments

I am behind in singing the praises of the writing endeavors of my other Clarion classmates.

John Schoffstall slithytove has a story up at Strange Horizons: Adventures in Dog-Walking in Downtown Philadelphia. John, who won the Writers of the Future Grand Prize this summer, has a wonderful sense for juxtaposition of things which normally don't belong together, as well as an excellent vocabulary. We are expecting Great Things from Dr. Schoffstall...

And Marjorie Liu webpetals has just posted the cover art for her next two books: X-Men: Dark Mirror and her third Dirk & Steele novel, set for release in July 2006, has a tentative title: The Red Heart of Jade. She also managed to cadge a REAL MENTION in a MAINSTREAM news magazine: Newsweek. Can't say I'm much of a modern romance novel reader (as opposed to a Jane Austen, for example), but I like the spunky style of Marjorie's paranormal romance writing. Don't let the word "romance" fool you -- the line between paranormal romance and fantasy writing is pretty darned thin. I'm not sure I see the difference -- or care to make the distinction. People, especially critics, seem way too eager to want to pigeonhole writers into genres and sub-genres and marginalize them, and frankly, too many good writers I know write in more than one-dimension.

And Andy Wolverton has some nice comments on the panels at the World Fantasy Con that I couldn't get to. He reports that seven of "us" made it to WFC -- one more than last year.

(And next year, I have relatives near Austin TX...)

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