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49460 ==> 49401

We've Moved Whilst Standing Still

Back in the end of March, I explained that we would be FINALLY joining the rest of Allendale township, as 500 addresses scattered through something like five other zip codes were converted to Allendale MI 49401. The move was made possible by the new Allendale post office built last year.

The big conversion date was Saturday 19 June 2010. It went by very quietly -- naturally we had no mail on that day. Not sure if the route hadn't officially started or they hadn't gotten Saturday's mail forwarded from the mysterious West Olive post office to Allendale. However, by Monday things were arriving and since then, things have been showing up with both West Olive and Allendale addresses. We have lots of addresses to change, including drivers licenses and US passports, plus bills and subscriptions. I'd call it a waste of time, except it isn't. We never have found the West Olive post office -- it's like fifteen, twenty miles from here -- and at times we've had packages being held there forwarded to our in town P.O. Box.

But now we're One Big Happy Family in Allendale. Yay.

Brown Mustn't Have Gotten The Memo

This morning at 9am I got a phone call at home from UPS. They had a package for Blue. Oh, I figured, that must be it -- and they want a signature, which will be hard because Blue is a cat. No, the problem is that the address said Allendale and they were wondering if this was a new... I explained that we had just changed zip codes on the 19th. Along with 500 other addresses scattered across like five zip codes. It took a few more rounds before I think they finally got it.

UPS is pretty much on the ball around here, but I was surprised that ten days after the change they were still surprised about this. I figure this won't be the last address conversion adventure over the next twelve months. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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