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July The First

It's July 1st!

That means it's the first day of classes for the WMU Summer-II Session and at noon, the first day of my PHYS-2070 University Physics II / Electricity & Magnetism (w/ calculus) class. Summer classes mean double-length 100 minutes, so we did the Introduction to Dr. Phil, the Good News / Bad News of going from student friendly first semester Mechanics to less previous experience E&M. (grin) Also the 14 page syllabus. And the tale of Electricity & Magnetism is the Triumph of 19th century Physics -- plus Herman Melville's Moby Dick. Yup, effectively the first two days of class. (summer-class-grin)

It's July 1st!

And Redstone Science Fiction is back open to submissions for fifteen days -- for those of you who care about such things.

It's July 1st!

And except for a few roof cap shingles -- or whatever they're called -- that they were short, we just about have a new roof on our house. Yay new roof. Details to follow.

It's July 1st!

And on the email newsletter, they had this amusing comment:
Fun factoid: the epic Isner-Mahut tennis match at Wimbledon lasted longer than all three Lord of the Rings theatrical releases; by the time Isner won, after eleven hours and five minutes of play, they were just twenty minutes short of lasting as long as the special editions. That's some serious warrior spirit.

It's July 1st!

Oh, and it's Canada Day. Happy Canada Day, Canada!

Dr. Phil
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