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A Lesson In Thermodynamics?

I Saw This Coming

Friday I knew that the heat and humidity would soak in for the Fourth of July weekend. Also clear skies, so for those playing outside and picnicking and grilling and driving -- it could be a good deal. And while it got hot, the heat in West Michigan was shy of the triple digits which the Atlantic coast was moving into.

But Friday it was still pleasant enough -- still dry and about 86°F. And when I got out of class before 2pm on Friday and headed back to my office in Everett Tower, at the second floor I was hit with a lot of cold air. See, they tend to shut down the A.C. over summer weekends. So was someone trying to chill the place down to compensate for the upcoming hot summer three-day weekend?

Well, it didn't work.


Tuesday was Monday this week. (grin) And already in the upper 80s in the morning when I rolled into Kalamazoo. And Everett Tower? Hot, hot, hot. And muggy. Whenever the A.C. was put on, it had barely made a dent in the heat which had soaked into the building over the long weekend.

I have a small 5" Radio Shack 120VAC computer cooling fan behind me on a bookshelf plugged into a switch block that I use for keeping the air moving in my office. It made little difference this morning. Usually I leave the computers on while I teach class, but I shut everything down while I was out. Not so much that I was worried about cooking the computers as not really needing any more waste heat into a small closed office.

By about 4pm, I'd found one room that was almost comfortable -- the Men's room on the second floor. Not the most useful place. I used to have a digital thermometer in my office, but it's in use elsewhere. But I doubt that by the time I'd left at 5pm that my office had dropped below 80°F. So you can imagine what it must've been some five, six hours earlier.

Not quite at the level of the sorority house during the 2004 Clarion workshop. (evil melted grin) There I was dealing with temps in my room around 97°F with 97% humidity -- at midnight. But closed up offices don't need to be hot, humid and miserable.

I can only hope the university saved a fortune on their electric bill -- and didn't lose it on replacing any equipment which cooked itself.

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