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You Can't Get There From Here

Ah, Michigan. Such seasons. Early winter, mid-winter, late winter and construction. (grin) The latest for my commute has been the closing of the back route onto WMU's campus. In the morning I can head down Drake to W. Michigan Avenue and take the roundabout (traffic circle) on campus to get into Lot 61 from the other direction. But in the afternoon I don't like taking Drake because the left turn onto W. Main/M-43 is awkward with people stopping in the middle of the left turn lane to either cut in line into the main traffic or dive across several lanes into small shopping centers on either side of the highway.

So I've been taking Howard down to Stadium Drive and getting onto US-131 North one exit south of normal. Alas, on Monday construction on Stadium has closed the ramps onto US-131 North.

One Yahoo After Another

Heading north on Drake this evening I could hear and then see an ambulance coming towards us. So most of us pulled over to the right as one is supposed to. But this Bastard Bus -- a private full-size bus which ferries students to some off-campus apartment complex called The Centre -- decided that a speeding ambulance heading our way and vehicles ahead of him pulling over meant he could gun it and start weaving in and out of the cars pulling over so he could sprint ahead. Really? He practically forced a gap to open between two slowing cars so he could bull his way forward. I sure hope he pulls this nonsense in front of a cop some day.

But while I was still on Drake, some woman in a small subcompact tore out of the mall lot on the left, cutting across multiple lanes of traffic to end up sitting stopped right in the entrance to the left turn lane. Eventually, with traffic backing up behind her, she decided to just go ahead and stay in the left turn lane, turning left in the last second of the green-turned-yellow left turn arrow -- having not let anyone in to take the left turn arrow. Thanks. Real kind of you, in a Stupid kind of flavor.

Out on the 131, we picked up a smattering of rain. This is when a couple of pickups and a Jeep SUV decide it's time to play NASCAR on the four-lane. And dive in and out of the traffic, even though both lanes are reasonably full and all moving at the posted 70 mph. Idiots.

And Then A Moment Of Zen

When the drive starts getting longer than usual, there are a couple of places where I can pull over and get out and stretch my back. One of those is in the back parking lot at the Standale Meijers. After getting the kinks out, I rounded the little access road on the west side, which is next to a newly planted field.

And that's when I saw a couple of herons sandhill cranes wading through the rows picking at tasty grubs or something, backlit by the late summer afternoon sun.

Pulled over and put the four-way flashers on while I dug out the Sony W170 and set the zoom lens for the maximum optical setting of 5x.

Waited for a car to pass and then for one of the birds to show off its long neck.

Pretty. And decent payment on a long commute surrounded by idiots. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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