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Toto, We're Not In Kansas Anymore...

Actually the winds in West Michigan the past 24 hours weren't that bad, but we've been making lots of Oz jokes around here as my wife just finished reading Wicked. (Her opinion: fantastic re-spinning of a tale we all think we know, but like too many novels she'd read lately, a weak or less-than-worthy ending considering the quality before.)

Very blustery weekend -- the weather people were talking of winds clocking in at 65 and 70 mph in a couple of places. Just as the winds die down before midnight, Consumers Energy figures that they'll have most of the several thousand houses caught with downed power lines back on the grid. Not so cold, hovered around 49degF here, but the high winds and the couple of windows cracked open for fresh air kept the house feeling a little cool today.

It's Wide... I Mean Wi-iiide Right!

Saw a couple of clips from the Chicago Bears game today (Sunday). Really strong gusty crosswinds in Soldier Field today, too. Saw this hilarious attempt at a field goal which got blown so far wide right, it almost didn't stay in the field of play. Da Bears kicked one at a radical angle which hooked in the wind far right, too, only to clang the right upright on the goal post and bounce back in for a FG. Not weather for a passing-only offense, methinks. It's why you need to have a pretty balanced team.

Saturday The 19th

The stage is set for Saturday's NCAA Division II Playoffs Round 2 match between #1 Grand Valley State University and North Dakota -- these two teams have won the last several D-II titles, sometimes settling things between them in the title game. This is the matchup.

Not Today

The next upgrades to the home Wi-Fi network had to do with printers. But... the LaserJet 4ML will have to wait. The D-Link parallel port 802.11b printer unit has a Centronics interface, not a DB25. And I'm currently running that printer through a Belkin Bitronics 4-port printer switch, which is all DB25 connectors. I thought I had another DB25-Centronics adapter OR another printer cable to free up one of my other adapters -- when I first installed an A-B printer switch, it had all-Centronics ports so my cables have ended up swapping all around. Kluge? Jury-rigged? Are you kidding? (grin)

The HP All-In-One PSC 2355 has a USB cable, which a Linksys 802.11g USB print server will handle. Technically the Linksys unit says it won't work with multifunction printers and that's true if you're worried about the scanning functions. But I don't think I'm going to do scanning downstairs when the computer is upstairs. So with PCL-3/5/10 compatibility, I hope to be able to use a regular HP printer driver for color printing. But... in looking things up on HP's website, it turns out the unit needs software and firmware upgrades from when it shipped -- apparently it can get confused about changing cartridges and reject perfectly good full new ink cartridges.

I'll troubleshoot this one a little longer.

Dr. Phil

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