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Ah, I Do So Love Me Some Jane Austen...

The Great Thing About The Internet...

... is the wonderful conglomeration of mash-ups. Here, from maryrobinette Mary Robinette Kowal, is the trailer for Jane Austen's Fight Club:

In Truth...

I really do love Jane Austen. And when I write in my bio blurbs that I "teach Physics at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo by day, and aspire to write The Great Science Fiction Romantic Epic in the wee hours of the night", I'm really not kidding. There is my unfinished 1¾ million word epic which I have described as Jane Austen Meets Star Wars, which actually does involve my 29th century hard military SF universe combined with the polite (and mean) society of the Greater British aristocracy, a heroine who is the heiress to the family which owns all the patents on interstellar travel and has degrees in art and engineering -- and a talent for fighting interstellar battles -- and a prince. (evil grin)

I am about to start mining the rough chapters of The Epic for some work this fall, so someday...

Dr. Phil
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