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Eleven -- It's One More Than Ten

Well it won't last long, but I've set a new record: Eleven short stories out at various markets at the same time. One is probably a REJECTION in waiting -- I got an invitation to attend the awards ceremony in Barcelona, but they didn't actually tell me that it was worth a bunch of money and a bunch of travel days to fly to Spain for Thanksgiving Eve (23 November 2005). Of the remaining ten, they're split five & five between contest entries and pro sale submissions.

Contests: Writers of the Future, of course. And The Fifth Annual Tundra Prize -- these guys are way too much fun not to enter their little contest and besides, I already have two Laudable Mentions under my belt from them, which will eventually be published in their second anthology -- maybe May 2006? And the Science Fiction Writers of Earth -- it's my last year of eligibility, since I squeaked in my entry early before I received payment for "The Pulse of the Sea", my first pro sale. Plus two pro market sponsored contests: The Mary Shelley Prize for Imaginative Fiction via Rosebud and the First Annual Apex Digest Halloween Short Story Contest.

And the remaining five submissions to pro markets span the globe with 3 U.S. markets, 1 U.K. and 1 Australian. I tell you, my stories are getting better traveled than I am.

Dr. Phil

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