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Now This Is A Bloody Brilliant Book Trailer

I've Not Quite Decided...

How I view the trend towards Book Trailers. These are short web videos which do for books what movie trailers do for movies -- gives you a taste of what's inside so that maybe you'll read (buy) the book. On the one hand, there's the old-fashioned fuddy-dud in me who figures that a reader should read a blurb / preview / ad for a book. On the other hand, we spend so much time online, that seeing a catchy YouTube video is certainly one way to advertise. And on the gripping hand, maybe we can entice some video junkies to actually pick up a book. (grin) Then there's the fourth hand, where people -- including some that I know -- are having a great deal of fun to produce a book trailer.

I don't want to be a spoilsport and not encourage either the marketing of books or the creation of works of art separate from the writing of the book itself.

But every now and then someone shows me a book trailer which is a thing of beauty unto itself and a bloody good bit of advertising, too.

From The New Zealand Book Council

"Where Books Come To Life"

Once Again We Are Found Lacking

Should I be surprised that this comes from the New Zealand Book Council? Heavens no. Arts Canada and the various arts councils of Australia and Great Britain all do a great job with so many things. It's here in the United States that these things get left to the publishers, which really means that the author gets to do/arrange things like this.

Anyway, I liked this enough. And it's got "trains"!

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