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Shouldn't Chrome Be Yellow?

Two Fisted Browsing

While working I have found it useful to have two browsers open. In particular I like having my work and my personal email programs just an Alt+Tab jump away from each other. LJ and my LJ flist on one browser, and Blogger and all the blogs I follow through the Dashboard on the other browser. Nice, neat, simple. Well, simple for me anyways.

One could have just two windows open from one browser, but you know, there's a lot of websites out there which work better in one browser versus another. Of course, one of those two browsers is NOT going to be the hated Internet Explorer, what with its big "Kick Me" sign it displays to the Internet. (grin)

For a long time I used Netscape 7.x and Firefox. Alas, once Netscape stopped updating, I knew I had to try something else. So I've been using Safari for Windows along with Firefox. Tried Safari 4, but it took too long to load and do things on my XP Pro machines. So I backed down to Safari 3, which did a lot of things well, but had some annoyances.

I could have downloaded a fresh copy of Opera, but I've run across some people who have been happy with Google Chrome lately, so just now I download Chrome 6.0.472.63 and am seeing how it works with my workflow. Chrome cheerfully volunteered to clone settings and favorites from Firefox, as long as I closed Firefox first, and that simplified the setup. So far, so good.

Of course there's always differences and annoyances. Right-click on a URL and both Safari and Firefox offer Open in New Window first, then Open in New Tab -- Chrome reverses that, so to Open in New Tab I have to remember not to scroll down one line. I dislike the sort of XP/Vista/7 looking window format, preferring the old Windows 9X/NT window format, but then Safari wanted to make itself look like it was running on a Mac. (evil grin) And it took a moment to figure out where to go to mess with settings, since Chrome doesn't even bother with giving a normal Windows menu system.

A few minutes of poking and prodding and I had things pretty much beaten into submission. Until I started this LJ entry, of course, and found that the default font in the text entry box appeared tiny to me. Back "into the wrench" and monkey around and find where I can change the default text entry size -- and now it's usable. (triumphant grin)

We'll see how long this Chrome experiment goes. I still prefer Firefox as my default browser. Mrs. Dr. Phil just got a new Windows 7 laptop at work, and we both secretly grin at the One Time Only use of IE to download a fresh copy of Firefox and then Never To Use IE again. Come to think of it, I wonder why ZoneAlarm didn't squawk about Chrome requesting permission to connect to the Internet -- I don't let things go on without my permission. Hmm, might be subterfuge on Chrome's part. And anyway, I might still download Opera and give it a try. But so far I do like the speed that Chrome operates in.

Dr. Phil

PS - The title of this entry has to do with the default color scheme, which is very blue.
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