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GVSU LipDub 2010

A 50th Anniversary

Grand Valley State University was founded 50 years ago in 1960. While it would be a couple of years before there were buildings and the Pioneer Class met for registration in a corn field, GVSU is going all out to celebrate its amazing growth and excellence. I taught at GVSU for one year as a Visiting Assistant Professor and Mrs. Dr. Phil is a Senior Librarian at GVSU -- we watched it grow and expand a lot in the 19 or so years we've been in Allendale.

Come Sail Away

The other week GVSU recorded a LipDub video, featuring hundreds of faculty and students, in over six minutes of continuous take lipsynching to Styx' Come Sail Away.

So Come Sail Away with the Lakers of Grand Valley State:

I should point out that the pond in the closing shot is not much larger than the field of view. I don't think anyone has ever rowed a four-man shell there before. (grin) You can just see them putting on the brakes before they row back into the frame. (double-back-grin) Also, Mrs. Dr. Phil was outside and ran into the rehearsals, and talked with the Grand Rapids Rapid bus driver who was minding the bus they borrowed for one of the shots.

If I was going to make any complaints, I'd point out that many of the people are shot backlit, so it's not so easy to see faces. Also there's an outtake where they accidentally run over the Louie The Laker mascot. (oops-grin)


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