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Piling On, Deja Vu Edition

Maybe I'll Hate Myself In The Morning

But last year, after I noted the first passing of Realms of Fantasy, my next post was about RoF's website was woefully out of date, including the cheery note that they are still going strong.

Alas, while the current RoF website has the news right, along with nice farewells from editors Shawna McCarthy and Doug Cohen, as well as publisher Warren Lapine, there's the little issue regarding the Final Issue. Or non-issue. As I posted on the Final Issue PDF Available Via Bittorrent and Direct Download page:
Dr. Phil October 19, 2010 at 9:00 pm

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

FYI — Alas, neither the Click here to download the PDF from our servers OR the Download PDF button to the right work. The first is an incomplete URL — the second 404’s.

Dr. Phil

Tis a shame that bad HTML coding spoils the party and mars the ending... once again.

Dr. Phil
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