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An Oh Too Familiar Refrain

I get to the office about 8:40am for my 9am class. The message light on my phone is lit. There is just enough time to check to see what Important Message is in my voice mail box.

Alas & Sigh. The caller wanted to let Dr. Phil know that regarding the twins on heroin, that the mother should lose custody of those children.

Right. We'll get right on that. As soon as I lose my sanity and start hosting a psychology self-help television show. And do a piece on twins on heroin.

Where do these people get this telephone number from? Any place on my university website where I have the number, there's a link about that Other Dr. Phil fellow. You know, the one who knows Oprah and is rich and has a television show where they just did a piece about twins on heroin and their worthless mother?

Anyway, I'm not that guy. Don't call me and leave me a message about the TV show on my Physics Dept. phone voice mail.

And don't be one of those hit-and-run cowards who goes to all the trouble to dig through the Internet to find The Secret Actual Phone Number for Dr. Phil, expresses Extreme Disapproval -- and then doesn't bother to give a name. (evil grin)

Dr. Phil
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