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A Bit Of ConFusement Come January

Been Pretty Quiet Lately

I do promise to do better. Besides being insanely busy with the end of the semester coming, I've not done a lot of typing lately as I had to deal with an infection on my thumb. Oh, you say, who needs a thumb to type? Well, when it was hurting, leaning it against even a wrist pad hurt. And on the laptop, the bandages kept sliding on the mouse touchpad, which randomly moved the cursor, resulting in unusable typing. (grin)

And then I've had trouble with a compressed nerve and cancelled all my plans for Fall 2010 SF cons, which kept me out of circulation for a bit.

So I hope to get some updates done Real Soon Now.

ConFusion 2011 -- 21-23 January 2011, Troy Marriott, Troy MI

For years I've been going to ConFusion on the other side of the state. Not only do I have fond memories of my first SF con, but I really lucked out making my first SF con a good one. ConFusion is one of the better run regional cons I've run across. And with a good list of GoHs, including an awesome real science track, there are lots of authors and publishing people who show up. Also quite a number of Canadians come across the border as well.

Speaking of Guests of Honor, the 2011 ConFusion lineup runs as:
* Pro: Paolo Bacigalupi
* Pro: Cherie Priest
* Science: Aubrey de Grey
* Fan: Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale
* Special: Peter V. Brett
* Featured: Tom Smith

Last year I was on six panels and a reading. So naturally I've been working with the Programming people and while I don't have my assignments yet, it looks pretty good that I'll have lots of panels to be on for 2011.

What's really interesting for me is that as a Physics professor at Western Michigan University, I was invited to do a talk on the science track. Ooh, yes please! I'll let y'all know when I know more about my scheduling, but I've got a couple of good things in mind.

So I Should Probably Go Ahead and Register

Yesterday I took a couple of minutes before I had to leave and did my con registration and hotel. The Troy Marriott is a very nice facility and they seem happy to get ConFused every year.

I was surprised when I got the number "51" on my registration. Last year I registered in November and got a number near 100, unless my mind is paying tricks on me. Assuming that my badge number is 51, that should be the lowest number I've ever gotten for ConFusion. Of course that also makes me worry that the pre-registration numbers are down from last year. While that may be in part due to an earlier glitch in the online registration system, COME ON AND REGISTER, GUYS. (grin)

Seriously -- if you're in Michigan and the surrounding areas, you should try to come to ConFusion. Driving to the Detroit suburbs in January isn't totally crazy -- should I mention the year of the blizzard when a lot of us stayed an extra night (evil grin) -- and what else is there to do in January?

And As An Added Bonus...

I am planning on finishing my zombie murder mystery story over Christmas break and hope to have a reading of it at ConFusion. Now you would't want to miss that, would you?

I didn't think so. (triple-word-score-grin)

Dr. Phil
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