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While You're Waiting For New Dr. Phil Stories

Oh This Is Interesting

On Saturday I got a letter from an editor which was pretty much a rewrite request. Yay! This story might finally be happening. Can't, or at least won't, give any details right now, but I am pleased. And all the comments are reasonable.

Meanwhile, we will still have to wait for early 2011 for my next publication to show up. But it's not like nothing is happening with my SF writing. (grin)

Meanwhile, Back In Australia

I was doing one of my period Google searches on myself when I ran across a webpage for back print issues of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. As you may recall, in 2009 I had two SF stories published Down Under: "Machine" appeared in ASIM Issue #38 and "In The Blink Of An Eye" appeared in ASIM Issue #39.

I am very proud of both stories -- plus "Machine" got an awesome illustration to boot, to say nothing of being inspired by a Pink Floyd song. But ASIM doesn't have a huge distribution, and while there was a brief period you could buy the issues as PDF downloads, while they still have copies in print, you might want to take this opportunity to snag a copy, read some Dr. Phil stories and support this marvelous SF co-op from Australia.
ASIM #38 Print

Edited by Zara Baxter and Sue Bursztynski

With original fiction by Ingrid Banwell, Gitte Christensen, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, K.V. Johansen, Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon, E.M. Sky, and Katherine Sparrow, and an interview with Pamela Freeman.

ASIM #39 Print

Edited by Andrew Finch

With original fiction by Joanne Anderton, Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon, Paul Kennebeck, Rob Shearman, Linda Steele, and James Targett.

Each issue is A$8.00 plus shipping. (They were A$8.95 earlier -- so save, save, save.)

I suppose you could even say it's a Christmas present. (evil-grinchy-grin)

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