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Remembering the 7th of December

Far Better Story Than I Can Say

Stonekettle Station blogger and fellow UCFer Jim Wright put up a link on Facebook to his 7 December 2007 post on Remembering December 7th.

They say that today you get a dividing line age-wise as to whether December 7th is "a day which shall live in infamy" or the day "they shot John Lennon" or, I suppose, the inevitable "who? what?". (sigh) But of course we need to be cognizant of both the impacts on our world, one national and one artistic.

Still, does anyone out there think that the recent movie Pearl Harbor has anything on Jim's telling of his story? Because every year when I've read this story about Edwin J. Hill, Chief Warrant Officer, United States Navy, Chief Boatswain of USS Nevada, moored at battleship row off Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, I get chills.

That is all. Carry on.

Dr. Phil
Tags: history, navy, remembrance, united states, wwii

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