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Stocking Stuffers -- Super-Sized

I've Complained About This Before

The business of giving cars for Christmas. Especially the companies with the big red bows on the cars. Lexus does it. Mercedes has done it. Acura tried to change it up this year by talking big about overindulgent spending -- then claimed they had something like overindulgent saving. Nice try.

Now It's Christmas Stockings

Lexus has a new commercial where Dad is on the roof stapling a giant stocking to drape in front of the garage. Mom is taken out for the big reveal -- a Lexus with a red bow. So they've got the stocking and the red bow.

But there's two problems with this commercial. First, the car is parked perpendicular to the garage, which requires a wide garage. Very ostentatious.

Second, KIA does it better.

See, in the latest KIA ads, the Christmas give vehicles are in the giant stockings and they drive out. In fact the one SUV is in the damned living room. And when Dad drives out with the new toy, he even knocks over the reindeer statue by the road. Yes-sss!

Yup. The KIA commercials are much more fun.

Once again the Japanese are skunked by the Koreans in the car arms race.

Dr. Phil
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