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And A Very Merry Christmas To All

Nothing Says Christmas Like Murder

Perusing the TV listings, we seem to have marathons and multiple re-runs of Criminal Minds (on TWO cable channels simultaneously last night), Bones, and various Law & Orders, CSI.

We love these shows, but it seems pretty creepy to celebrate Christmas like this.

The Oddball

Comedy Central is spending the afternoon with Harold & Kumar and Bill & Ted. MTV starts off with three episodes of 16 and Pregnant, the Teen Mom 2 -- are they trying to channel Mary? -- then a marathon of That 70s Show. The so-called SyFy Channel is doing all their awful CGI monster flicks -- Sea Snakes, Frankenfish, The Eye of the Beast, Lake Placid 2, Malibu Shark Attack and Shark Swarm.

More Traditional Marathon Fare

TBS seemed to start it a couple of years ago by doing 24 hours of A Christmas Story, the oh-so-excellent Jean Shepherd view of Christmas through the eyes of children. And they could give nearly the entire staff the day off from 8pm Christmas Eve to 8pm Christmas. To this marathon, add AMC doing Scrooged all day.

Turner Classic Movies is going for a spectacular afternoon with Ben-Hur and King of Kings. Then they go for family fun with The Lion in Winter. FX spends the daytime repeating Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who.

Spike is running the REAL Star Wars trilogy, now re-designated Episodes IV, V and VI. TNT will do all three of Noah Wylie's Librarian movies. USA tonight will run Elf for the 783rd and 784th time since Thanksgiving.

Why Worry About What's On TV?

Hopefully you've got lovely friends and family to do Christmas with, if you do Christmas. But for something to have on for background, we've got the Mythbusters marathon from Discovery channel. Nothing is more Christmasy than watching mayhem -- including igniting Christmas trees with thousands of lights, etc. (grin)

Hope you have a merry and happy day doing whatever.

Dr. Phil
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