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And A Happy New Year


Yeah, I haven't posted much in the last six weeks or so. After doing a run to North Carolina to visit my mom over Thanksgiving -- and dealing with a thumb infection -- and not having caught up with some of the posting about that trip... we did another run to NC over New Year's after our quiet Christmas at home.


Clearly trying to do any kind of sorting in the old homestead over holidays is a bad idea. (sad-grin) That's a given. And it doesn't help to add in anything else -- like my thumb infection at Thanksgiving -- and this time two of the four of us suffered a bit with a 24-hour bug.

Dr. Phil's Sister made her wonderful traditional Swiss cheese fondue for New Year's Eve dinner, but after a little taste, I finished with a meal of Coke and bread. Damn, and I was so looking forward to that.

All was not lost, however. I did get my Q1 entry into Writers of the Future -- my second new story finished in a week. Go me.


Yay... happy new year... No one felt lively enough to toast the New Year, either with wine (sparkling or not) or the family traditions of eggnog and/or herring in wine sauce. Yeah, it takes a tough constitution to have eggnog and herring, but I've done it for decades. Not this time, though. And while I have a nice jar of herring in wine sauce in the fridge here at home, it hasn't been opened either, so I've yet to have my New Year's Good Luck Fish.

New Year's should be for bowl games. ESPN-U had the so-called Ticket City Bowl from the Cotton Bowl in Dallas with Northwestern against Texas Tech. NU lost. As did Michigan State. As did Michigan. As did Wisconsin the Rose Bowl. The Big Ten went 0-for-4 on New Year's. Illinois and Iowa managed wins before New Year's, so the Big Ten hadn't been shut out completely.

Under other circumstances, I might've passed on the ham for New Year's dinner, but it was tasty and I was hungry. Thankfully we managed to get on the road on the second for two days and my guts held together. Though my intestinal system rebelled after we got home. (Hence the unopened herring jar.) Spent a day taking it easy and that seems to have helped.

Now I have to get ready for the new semester and a new course for next week. We're getting there.

More anon. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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