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Sorry, There's No Problems With The Servers

True to form in yesterday's posting, two hours later I was able to make my website updates just fine, no problems. No indication there ever was a problem. I "love" computers (grimace).

Coming Soon -- my XP firewall battles...

Sorry, It's Not Winter

Over the weekend the temperature ran in the teens and we piled on the afghans and blankets and reveled in a snug cozy bed. Sunday the temperature went into the 40s and the rains started. By bedtime, it was 48degF outside and we pulled off all the extra blankets and were still too warm, even with the fan blowing in air from outside. (grin)

It's 60degF here in K-zoo and all the snow is essentially gone. It's Spring!

Sorry, It's Not Spring

Weather will return to the 20s and with warm winds blowing over Lake Michigan, the lake effect snow machine will return to burying us with "significant accumulation" by the end of the week.

Did I mention this was the last week of classes and Final Exams are next week?

Sorry, You Have To Play The Entire Game

I wasn't really paying attention to the TV at the time, but apparently the end of the New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks game proved a couple of points. (1) Field Goals are not "automatic", no matter how long you've been in the pros. (2) At some point you have to play the game and stats mean nothing.

Seems that towards the end of regulation the Giants FG kicker managed to miss, which helped set up overtime. In OT, the same Giants FG kicker had to try like a 54-yarder... and missed. And then had a third attempt from about 25 yards out -- and that missed, too! Going 0-3 is just an invitation for Seattle to finally get their game in gear and have their field goat attempt in OT -- Seattle wins. Everyone was showing video of this Giants player on the sidelines starting to whoop it up during one of the kicks, assuming it was a done deal and looking shocked when it didn't go over the crossbar...

Sorry, You've Just Lost The "Cool Cities" Label

By now much of the country has seen the stupidity of the Black Friday Grand Rapids area Wal-Mart shoppers trampling each other and beating one another with a shower curtain rod. Video of the opening trampling went national. Gee, I'm so honored that West Michigan is getting recognition as Home of the Thugs. This in light of the governor's "Cool Cities" initiative, trying to get tourists and vacationers to come to Cool Cities like Grand Rapids.

The one guy who ended up on crutches, managed to have friends cadge him one of the $400 HP laptops that were part of the super cheap early hours specials -- he was later shown using the laptop, so I guess this wasn't even a present for anyone. Merry Christmas.

Can anyone say "Cabbage Patch Kids"? Yes, I knew you could...

Dr. Phil

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