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One Week and One Day Into 2011 and THIS?

What The Hell Is Wrong With People?

I know, I know... we don't know anything yet. Other than the shootings and some deaths in Arizona. But really, people? This is how you think a democracy should be run? Kill children and Federal judges and (try to) assassinate a duly elected member of Congress?

I hate to get into side rumors, but given that the Congresswoman was on the "hit list" with a target on some websites, at some point you gotta consider that some idiot is going to take you up on this line of rhetoric. I read a comment about overhearing some people in a store in AZ, suggesting that she had it coming because she was a liberal and that maybe if she dies she can be replaced with a Republican by the governor. No. This is NOT how you want your country to be governed.

The Bottom Line

I have no patience with terrorists or those who incite terrorism. Even if they are deranged or ill, they can still be incited.

And I am not interested in America falling apart.

So a lot of people need to suck it up and start acting like Americans.

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