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A Reminder About Haiti

One Year Ago...

... a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, destroying not only homes and lives, but a great deal of the infrastructure and government offices in the capital, thereby making rescues and recoveries all the more difficult. Much has been written about Haiti, the relief efforts -- I even heard the other day that the earthquake hit where the geologists weren't expecting it. Haiti was not a rich country before the event, and even the most optimistic predictions figure it will be at least another six months to get the most basic reconstructions in place.

While there is some frustration about where charitable contributions have been going and how fast, I think it fair to say that Haiti needs funds and resources and that there won't be just one NGO or charity which is going to go in and "save the day".

My Own Small Part

Shortly after the earthquake I ran across a submissions call for a charity anthology to support Haiti. Originally going to be an e-book, 100 Stories for Haiti, is available in multiple formats -- print, electronic, audio.

Naturally I'm invested in this, with my 2004 Clarion 800-word challenge story from Week 5 "Three Drink Minimum" making the cut.

Here's a nice piece on the British Red Cross blog about how quickly 100 Stories for Haiti was put together.

And a piece from the creative force behind the project, Greg McQueen, about six months later.

In September 2010, Greg was at it again, this time for Pakistan. By this time, some £4000 had been raised by the Haiti project, and 100 Stories for Haiti continues to sell and raise funds to this day.

Besides the book, I found that they also have T-shirts, bookbags and a coffee mug available via CafePress in the U.K. and U.S.. Just ordered a bookbag -- I'm always needing bags to haul papers to/from class. And a little advertising? It never hurts. (grin)

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