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Real Life Intrudes On Another Market

Not Quite Dead Yet, But...

Just got an email from Aberrant Dreams, which is also posted on their website:
Closed Until Further Notice
by JoeDickerson on Sun, 01/16/2011 - 15:51

Hi All,

By now, many of you are wondering exactly what is going on at Aberrant Dreams, and why there has been little word from anyone regarding the status of things around here. To be honest, the lack of updates and communication can be attributed to one thing only: everyday life got in the way. Because of many factors, the priorities have constantly been shifting, and while I love Aberrant Dreams, and wish wholeheartedly for things to run smoothly and timely, updates to the web (and worse, the authors) have kept sliding out of control. Way out of control! The health issues I've mentioned in the past have kept me from focusing any of my free time I do have into Aberrant Dreams. And to be honest, there appears to be no change in this situation in sight.

It is because of this that I have finally made the decision (rather late, I know) to suspend Aberrant Dreams' online publishing until further notice. This does not mean that Aberrant Dreams is a dead market, but rather I am placing it on an undetermined hiatus until such a time that things become more level, and I can put the appropriate amount of time and attention to making it a great place for readers and authors.

I'll keep this message fairly short. To all of the authors with stories currently in queue for our online publication, I am releasing those stories back to the respective authors involved. I wish all of you luck finding a more stable home for them than I can offer here, and I hope that when we are finally able to return that I'll see all of you here again!


Joe Dickerson

Ralan's had "MARKET NOTE - 28Oct10: behind on the slush pile; could be a long wait; temporarily closed to submissions". In Aberrant Dreams's Forum at the website is a plaintive posting from July titled "Hello?", saying there'd been no content updates since March, and which has 13 replies except they aren't displaying in either Firefox or Chrome. In any event, I'd submitted a story back in March 2010 and checked on their Submission system every month or so to check on its status -- that story is now released and recorded as a No Call in my scoring system. Darn -- I thought that story might be a good fit there.

I wish the people at Aberrant Dreams better fortunes and hope that someday they can come back.

Dr. Phil
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