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Sun's Out -- No Worries, Mate

Other Than These Piles Of Snow

Outside the southern windows of the kitty room, a basement room which is partly buried into the ground anyway, there is an impressive wall of snow from a drift three feet or more high. It makes it look like the snow is six feet deep out there. (grin)

The weather people are saying we got around 16" of snow -- about the same total as the Blizzard of 1978, actually, which is relatively impressive. We have clear blue skies and sun right now, 3:45pm EST, and there is still some wind. A neighbor is supposed to come by with a bulldozer to clear the long part of the driveway for us.

Peeking out of the garage to the west...

.... and to the east.

Of course, the cats don't really care. They will, just as they did in the photo from a couple of weeks ago, just sleep together in a heap, on a lovely warm afghan, in a brightly lit and centrally heated room this evening. Lucky stiffs. I'm writing two exams -- and Mrs. Dr. Phil has a handout assignment to write. Snow day? Puh-lease. It's homework for us.

Blue sleeping on top of Sam, who doesn't seem to mind.

Western Michigan University of course updated its homepage:
"Classes resume, and WMU resumes normal operation Thursday, Feb. 3."

Dr. Phil
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