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The Lonely Footpath

Back From Past The Howling Steppes Of Siberia...

When Mrs. Dr. Phil came in after scooping, she reported that she'd managed to make it out to the road. But there was no mail or newspaper at 3:45pm-ish. Not too surprising, actually. But the daily e-mail digest from the Grand Rapids Press said that though the papers were printed, they couldn't be sure of delivery today, so they were making the e-print version of today's paper available for free.

Now that's rather resourceful and clever of them. Good call. As a result, I've already printed today's Sudoku. (grin)

Shot from the steps inside the garage, so I wouldn't track in stuff on my shoes. (grin)

The snow is 8-12" deep down the driveway, and being quite dry because of the cold is actually pretty light stuff. In theory if John doesn't get here with his blade, I think I could make it out of here in 4WD and carve a 2nd tire track in the snow. But hopefully we won't have to test that theory. (double-grin)

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