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Unlike Groundhog's Day...

... I canceled classes and WMU didn't follow suit. Can't say that I am too bothered with this. North of Grand Rapids there was a 50-car pileup on US-131. They say that K-zoo got hit with some of the most ice and had widespread power outages. Channel 3 and 7, both run out of Kalamazoo were off of our cable since around 1am, but that may be the antenna at our cable company. The Channel 3 website at 12:59pm listed "The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids maintains WINTER STORM WARNINGS in Allegan, Barry, Van Buren, Kalamazoo, and Calhoun counties until 4 PM", so my guess that come back north this afternoon had I gone south in the morning wouldn't necessarily be all that great either.

As I reported yesterday, the snow globe effect started after noon on Sunday:

At 7:45 this morning, I was looking out the window and some movement caught my eye. I saw one, then two big dogs -- looked like white and reddish St. Bernard's or similar large, fluffy, happy dogs making their way across our property and checking out the 1994 red Blazer. Okay, when they send out the St. Bernard's to check on people, I'm thinking that staying home is a good idea. (grin)

No, those are human footprints in the snow...

Attempts to adjust the brightness and contrast failed to show any features way down our driveway, so we'll have to see how deep and/or icy and/or crusty/crunchy this all is when I attempt to go to a 4:30 PT appointment:

Meanwhile, after today, the weather will be nicer for a few days, before some rain or snow and maybe another storm next weekend.

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