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Analog To Take E-Subs

The Online Stampede Continues

I missed it elsewhere, but saw on the new March 2011 Ansible that Analog is now accepting electronic submissions. Revised guidelines are here and the new E-sub web address is here. Analog is accepting .DOC files. Pity, because there are too many versions of .DOC specs -- I still write in Microsoft Word 95, but most people don't have the Word 6.0/95 converter installed -- and I much prefer to submit in Rich Text .RTF. As with the also Dell owned Asimov's, Analog is using the Clarkesworld style E-sub system, which continues as a growing industry standard.

Analog joins the growing list of formerly hardcopy only submission sites, such as Asimov's and WOTF. This pretty much leaves only F&SF as the only major which still requires hardcopy subs -- as pointed out in previous comments on these changes, this is not a slam against Gordon Van Gelder, just a comment. Two of the Big Three of SF. Welcome to 2011.

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