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How Do I Manage This Sort Of Timing

The Garage Is Back To Normal

As in there are two vehicles parked in it at night again. As mentioned the other day, I had to make a run to North Carolina and back over spring break. I made the decision to take the same 1999 Olds Bravada which had made the Thanksgiving and New Year's runs, since it has a little over half the miles of the 1996 Blazer. This didn't thrill Mrs. Dr. Phil, who hasn't driven the '96 Blazer much, as it has been my workhorse commuting vehicle for a couple of years, while she's been driving the Bravada. However, it all worked out.

Until Monday. First day back at teaching and when I start up the Blazer to come home, I smell coolant. Aw damn. Somehow, however, my serendipity streak continues, and instead of being really upset about something breaking, I have to marvel at the timing. (1) It didn't break on the road, since I didn't take it to NC, but given the mileage, I would've been in the middle of Ohio or Kentucky or West Virginia and shot my timeline to hell. (2) It didn't break for Mrs. Dr. Phil during the ten days she had it. (3) It wasn't actively leaking coolant onto the floor like happened to the 1994 Blazer one time. (4) And it wasn't all that cold on the drive back up from K-zoo with the heat off, as opposed to when I had to drive a vehicle with a bad heater core in 14°F weather in a 40 mph crosswind and a window cracked open to keep the windshield from fogging up. (grin)

I've Been At This Game Too Long

When we moved down to West Michigan twenty years ago, I believe the hourly rate at the Chevy dealer was $40/hour. Now it's $92/hour -- and they have a very nice and roomy new facility. But it's hard to get used to today's prices, because I've replaced a lot of heater cores in various high mileage used vehicles over the last 25 years and it hurts more than it used to. Seems the '96 requires pulling apart the dashboard. Six hours of labor. Total repair bill $832. Sigh.

But at least it didn't happen and leave me stranded in the middle of my road trip and I didn't lose enough coolant to overheat and damage the engine and it wasn't so cold that I was miserable driving it back.

Gotta take the pluses where you can. Serendipity, indeed.

Dr. Phil
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