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Dr. Phil's Policy on Anonymous and Spam Comments

I'm A Reasonable Person

I understand that some of my readers, including Mrs. Dr. Phil, don't have LiveJournal accounts or want to mess with using some of the alternative logins via Facebook, etc.

So I do allow Anonymous posting of comments. However, for obvious reasons I have Anonymous comments go straight into the moderation queue, which I usually check at least once or twice a day. In fact, I get notified about all comments to my blog.

However, For Those Of You Who Are Idiots

There are those of you around the whole who wish to abuse my LiveJournal blog, and I have zero tolerance for this. This includes:

(1) Anonymous trolls who want to use my posts to either foment controversy or somehow think they can change my mind with Stupid Troll comments or promote their own Personal Asshattery or want to annoy me.

(2) Anonymous spam bastards who want to use my posts, often one or two years old, to try to insert ads for their various drugs, sex videos, counterfeit clothing, probably diseased websites or web services, or other nefarious, illegal and/or disgusting activities. And I really get upset when you decide you can trash postings of mine that are rather important to me.

Please note that as a Permanent Account holder, I do not puts ads on my LiveJournal -- if you see ads when reading my blog it is because you aren't a logged in paid LJ user who can choose to not see ads. Further, the only commercial promotions that I allow on my LiveJournal blog are either my own writings or things that I find of value that I choose to promote. You, especially Anonymous yous, do not get to override my decisions.

If you fall into either of these Idiot classifications, do us both a favor and don't even bother to post spam or troll crap on my LJ. Because I will delete them, but I will also save copies of your crap and your URL. This also applies to postings which have LiveJournal account names -- these LJ users will be reported to LiveJournal for spam activity.

Sorry To Waste Everyone Else's Time With This

But in the last week I've had to scrub out my moderation queue with twelve items of disgusting spammy content -- some of them from the same people beating their stupid spammy heads against the same unmoving brick wall. It's a waste of my time and I'm sorry if any of this shows up temporarily from illegitimate LJ usernames.

To my friends and family and casual readers of my blog -- glad you're here and I try to reply to all your comments in due course. Thanks.

Dr. Phil
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