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Advice For The Lovelorn -- And Payless...

Memo from Payroll:

Since the December 27, 2005 pay date falls within the winter closure period, paychecks and advices will be distributed differently. Employees that wish to pick up their paycheck or advice, may do so at Public Safety on Tuesday the 27th between the hours of 9:00 to 11:00 am. During the closure period these are the only hours and location available for pickup.

In order to receive your paycheck or advice, you must have a picture ID and know the following information: your employee number, mail stop and building location where you normally receive your pay information. A previous pay statement contains all of this information and would make pickup easier.

Apparently knowing the difference between an advice and an advance is not required, or maybe the university is doing what skinflints everywhere do when it comes time to give waitstaff a "tip"...?

Dr. Phil
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