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Um, LiveJournal, I Love You, But...

Today's Login Message...

Actually, I don't get login messages when I log into my LJ account. Except today:
Sign up for a FREE two-week trial of a LiveJournal Paid Account and you'll enjoy an ad-free environment, 30 userpics, hundreds of premium journal styles, LiveJournal Stats, Google Analytics, and more! Click here to learn more!

The reason I don't get login messages and ads is that I have a LiveJournal Permanent Account, which is sort of an Über Paid Account. In other words, I am supposed to have an ad-free environment and over 200 userpics, etc.

Yes, yes, I know that it's probably like junk mail -- it costs too much to include a search term in the ad spam broadcast to check. But really, don't offend your Paid and Permanent Accounts. (evil grin)

Sorry this isn't anything more interesting or amusing. On the other hand, after working really, really hard at a furious pace, I may survive the month of March in one piece. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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