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Sometimes You Just Have To Play The Game

Ah, The Capriciousness Of Reality

As we currently watch our local PBS rerun of Ken Burns' awesome The Civil War, the men's NCAA Division I basketball championship has just gotten underway. Though I've not been able to watch as many games as in some years, I have been delighted with both the men's and women's tournaments. Even the expansion of the single play-in game to a "First Four" pre-tournament has proved itself, with Virginia Commonwealth's unexpected escape from such obscurity. I didn't do a set of brackets for either men or women -- I always have some favorites -- but my main joy is just letting the games and the brackets unfold.

Who could've picked either Final Four? Or at least either Final Two? That #1 seeding was practically the kiss of death this year. That the women's championship tomorrow will feature neither invincible UConn nor it's record streak slayer Stanford, though both were in the Final Four.

We'll see how this plays out.***

Dr. Phil

*** The basketball, that is. I know how the Civil War ends. (grin)
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