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Google Buzz Message

Huh. Just got a Google Buzz message on Gmail. You remember Google Buzz. It was supposed to be something like the Google version of Facebook? Or was it Twitter? See -- now I can't even remember. Maybe it was Facetwit.

I mention this because it is the 5th of April -- and the last Buzz message is dated January 30th. Does this mean that Google Buzz is really and truly dead now?

Not that I used it much, at least for initiating messages. I have LiveJournal, Facebook and a couple of closed message boards for that, along with Other People's Blogs. But I'd get a dozen or so messages a week, at least I did during 2010, and occasionally make a comment back. But really, only a handful of people ever seemed to use it.

Which Is Rather Remarkable In Itself

Facebook ain't perfect -- not by a long shot. But it has its billion users and I probably have linked to 100-150 people I know. So Facebook is convenient and it works, more or less. Now if they'd just leave well enough alone and not change how it operates every week -- and then not tell anyone about it! Aside: The one that really annoys me is that if you hit ENTER in a comment, you enter the comment, you don't get a carriage return/new line. For that you need to do Alt+Enter or something totally non-intuitively obvious. As in nobody types that way!

But Facebook is usable and Google, which has done so many things right in their endeavors, especially their search engine (Hell, Microsoft thinks it's good enough to power Bing.) and Gmail, has struck out at least twice now with FaceGoogled competitors.

There Is No Static Configuration Any More

Of course the rad new kids are no doubt using other things. And for all the twittering twits on Twitter, I don't have to use Twitter to get the feeds on Facebook or LiveJournal, so I get its benefits without its time suck. And whatever we all are using here in the 2011, in the future, like say 2016, we'll all be using something else which most of us aren't even aware about yet. (grin)

Or not. (double-grin)

Dr. Phil
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