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The State of the Author 2010

Another Year Goes By

TurboTax Deluxe seems to think that it's all over except for actually filing for this tax season. That means it's time for this year's version of How My Writing Business Is Doing.

The good news is that once again, the business made a profit. $193, up from $66 in 2009. Most of this was, of course, the unexpected windfall from the movie option on "The Brother on the Shelf" (Analog May 2009). This allowed me to include the webhosting of in the expenses for the first time. Alas, so far no word on any movement towards a Hollywood production -- and as with any movie option, I do not assume that this "free" money will be renewed. Though if it is, I would be very happy.

The only new story published in 2010 was "Three Drink Minimum", which was published in the 100 Stories for Haiti anthology. Good for the relief charity -- but it was for charity so no income there. So otherwise it seemed like a rather light year.

Still, I managed to make 54 submissions during 2010 -- 44 of them e-subs, so only ten involved postage and physical mailings -- which is pretty good considering some of the obstacles to new writing that I had during an odd and busy 2010. I actually expect fewer snail mailings for 2011, since Asimov's, Analog and WOTF all went to e-subs. Can't argue with the decreased costs on my end.

On The Horizon

Actually, I should soon have a new story published. And I've got a crop of notes begging to be transcribed into some excellent new stories. And I've been sitting on a rewrite request for some time which I Simply Must Get To If I Can Only Find The Damn Time. (grin) So the possibility of 2011 being a breakout year -- including my third pro sale for SFWA membership purposes -- seems better than ever.

Time to get a new sub out to a market. Oh, and go teach the next class. (evil-grin) That pesky Day Jobbe Thing, always lurking about and sucking down time. (amused-grin)

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